Won Park takes origami to the next level.

I guess I should pay more attention to the random forwards my mom sends me, because everyonce in a while it turns out to be pretty awesome.

Here's Won Park, a Korean-American origami artist that creates his own unique, intricate, and original designs using his medium of choice: the US dollar bill.  He never cuts anything - everything is constructed completely out of folds.
Check out his process in this clip (apologies for the supremely annoying s/he host):

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great post. every now and then moms do send along a good mass-forward!
He's great on dollar bills. He is now ready for the fivers.
Uh, i think both of the hosts were trans? And the red-haired guy's name was Diar Rhea? what a strange show.
@Trudy haha I'm just glad I have a great filter for a mom for the stuff on the Internets =)  I like the scorpion too!@Steph Indeed... I guess there's a few other post-worthy things she's sent me. @George har...har...@Stephen yeah seriously, just their manner of speaking was so very annoying.

I wonder if he ever uses the US dollar bill once he's done with the origami?
a friend of mine is a real master in this art, in a occassion he went to Buy Viagra, in the moment he knew a Asian person who taught him all the techniques about this ancient art.
I am an Adopted Korean American, 26, I love to do origami, and I am into the arts, how did you, get into an art business.

I am interested in learning about different artists and how they came to be doing what they love. I would love to own an art store someday or my own work.

You can contact me at seonschrock2008@yahoo.com or seon2004@hotmail.com

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