Why I love California.

1. Pinkberry with pomegranate seeds, blueberries and kiwi.

2. Perfect, fresh avocados
3. Soy custard with mango and tapioca from Phoenix in Hacienda Heights
4. Adorable babies!

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Oh, Pinkberry! My favorite :D
soy custard with mango and tapioca?! that sounds sooooo good. I wish it was up here!
YES I like that! Cali got some good foodie stuff!
(Happy New Year Steph!)
I love California because of the weather and beaches.......I hope I lived there
the weather and the beaches are pretty great, too!
Hooray for Cali :)
damn I am fiending for some pinkberry now
fiending.  that is a great verb.
California's got a good thing going on with food.
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