Who knew there were so many Burmese people in the Bay Area

My family and I went to Half Moon Bay this afternoon, for a food festival put on by a Burmese monastery there.  I've rarely seen so many Burmese people (outside of Burma, that is) in one place, and I have no idea where they came from!  And unlike most of the events my parents take me to, there were a lot of Burmese Burmese people, not overseas Chinese-Burmese (hua ren in Mandarin) like my family.

Soo much good food to sample.  In the pictures below: 
  • Mandalay meeshay, similar to Yunnanese mishen (rice noodles) with pickled mustard greens (suan cai) and pork
  • Spring roll salad (doke)
  • Noodle doke with potatoes and tofu
  • Throngs of people
  • A man dishing out mohinga from the hugest pot I have ever seen in my life
  • My own bowl of mohinga garnished with cilantro and chili
  • The whole pot of chili sauce
  • Hosing down the giant pots and woks afterward
  • Some sign written in Burmese script

6 responses
So delightful genuine Asian food. Some of the mentioned dishes I haven`t tasted yet
That mohinga looks fantastic! Did that entire cauldron get consumed by you and your fellow attendees?
@jonathan haha I have no idea if they finished it, I didn't stay the whole afternoon!  to be honest my parents make mohinga much better ;)
Looks pretty delicious. You should check out Burma Superstar on Clement St.
wow! that's a big pot of hot sauce!
Haha my family has been going to burma superstar for years, since before it turned into a den of yuppie-dom.  Pretty good food, but home-made is still better =)