Who knew? Cascada has a lovely voice, which is more than I can say for Ke$ha

I was especially entertained reading this comment thread on the YouTube video. Girls get so sentimental, then tell each other the most irrational things, don't they?

xoxoLonging4Youxoxo 8 months ago 26 

i hate listening to this song cuz it makes me cry cuz i love thiis guy so much but i doubt he even knows i exisit :(

jenniferheley 2 weeks ago

@xoxoLonging4Youxoxo He'll Know ou SomeDay It Hapeened to me one day i was in love but he didnt even know my name! I would go up and say hey But hed just keep calling me Amanda Or Brittney Or somthing but my name was jordanna And It soo badly ands thats what hurt the most in my life but now were good friends cuz he acully gets my name right so itll happen to you someday i promise!

WOG033094 2 weeks ago

xoxoLonging4Youxoxo i know waccha mean chica! life and boys are very confusing... :(

buddhapumkin1 month ago

@xoxoLonging4Youxoxo if he doesnt know you exsist he doesnt know you, so how can you love a guy you dont know?

MrsMarlyeWafford 4 months ago

@xoxoLonging4Youxoxo Don't waste your time on a guy who doesn't know you exist... Find someone who thanks God for your existence.

lisahunt96 5 months ago

@xoxoLonging4Youxoxo he probly does though he isnt smart enough to realise that yur good for him dont worry. if its meant to work out it will if it dont dont worry theres sum1 out there who will realise how special yu r