What a nail-biter!

My roommate and I stayed up late (waaaaaaay late) to watch through the men's gymnastics finals.  What thrills!  What suspense!  And our boys pulling through in the end with a bronze!  * wiping tears *  I'm so proud of them, even if the dude from Fremont made a "disastrous" fall (someone, please shoot those retarded NBC announcers) and Raj fumbled on the pommel horse dismount.

That is to say, I was still rooting for China to win the gold...because a) their routines were way more spectacular and amazing than anyone else's, especially that dude on the vault and the other dude on the rings and b) they had to win it, on their home turf and c) most of us wanted to see it happen after Athens.  Really, really fantastic all around though... I haven't been this into the Olympics since the Magnificent Seven took on the 1996 Atlanta games.

Other highlights: women's volleyball and synchronized men's diving.  Those lean swimmers' bodies!  Dayamn!

Is it just me or is there a plethora of good-looking athletes all around this year, both men and women? Not that looks matter at the end of the day...just the game.

** Note to self
: don't let my son become a gymnast.  They may be cute, but they are pocket-sized!