Weekend Pt. 4: 40th Int'l Taiko Festival

I came *thisclose* to not making it to this festival in Berkeley, but I already knew I love taiko (I'm considering taking lessons with SF Taiko Dojo), and the AA group at work was subsidizing tickets (which were $38).  I'm so glad I went!  It was like 3 hours of nonstop drumming action.  I never really thought about how inventive, spiritual, and generally kick-ass taiko could be.

They were really strict about not taking any photos/video, but I snuck a couple minutes so you can get a glimpse of what it was like--sorry for the terrible camerawork; it's hard staying centered when you're trying to hide a camera in your jacket =P

Followed by a YouTube video of the same group at another event--performing an intricate dance-like number.

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Nice thanks for sharing the video. Taiko is awesome... I loved every minute if that brief (but ground shaking) performance I went to in Taipei...
"Yodan Uchi" means four sides and refers to the playing on four drum faces.

Fascinating. Enjoyed both clips. I liked the reveal of yours up top, and I'd become enchanted, utterly stilled by the halfway mark of the second performance.

What's it like after 3 hrs?

haha, still awesome after 3 hours. glad you enjoyed it--i hope i can watch them perform again!
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