'Vintage' Lady Gaga video: When she was Stefani Germanotta. Brunette. Normal. But still f-ing amazing.

My friend Lily forwarded me this clip of Lady Gaga performing 'Captivated' and 'Electric Kiss,' two rather lowkey original songs she wrote and performed for a student audience at NYU.  This should answer any question her naysayers may have regarding her incredible talent.  

And for us fans, it re-affirms why we loved her in the first place.  Without all the crazy costumes, makeup and sexified style, her rich voice and freshness still shine through.  It's no wonder she revolutionized pop music last year!  I like how at the very end, one of the judges says, "Norah Jones, look out!"  Hahaha. Little did she know that Stefani had bigger dreams than taking out little Miss Norah Jones.

In contrast, check out her latest video for 'Bad Romance,' which is a theatrical wonder. (In case you've been living under a rock and haven't seen it yet.)

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I've been living under a rock. Now I am better informed.
Haha don't worry George, I too was living under a rock until yesterday. Glad to have informed you. =)
I like Lady Gaga but I'm not a huge fan of Bad Romance (the song or the video).
@Steven I think she stopped at a burlesque club along the way.@mrampton Trust me you listen to it enough and you'll start liking it too. rah rah ah-ah-ah, roma roh-ma-ma, gaga ooh-la-la...want your bad romance.

I have also been living under a rock! I am very impressed by the NYU performance. Interesting to see the directions that artists explore as they develop their craft.
Me too... I find your choice of words interesting though because I was about to write a blog post @Tom about 'art' vs. 'craft' and the differences between the two...
And I usually try to be so careful with my word selection : ) I am looking forward to reading the blog post. In the meantime I will be doing some research...



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Yeah, I have much respect for her vocal/musical skills, but apart from "Just Dance" (which is on repeat for me when I'm at the gym), I just can't get into her music.
Great post~ So I caught Lady Gaga on Ellen not too long ago, and SHE WAS AMAZING on piano. I never knew how talented she is on piano. the radio fools you. Her vocals are so strong, hard work goes far.
@Eileen that's a shame... I actually love all her songs, even Bad Romance (which was weird to me at first)...
@Give Ooh I wonder if that clip is on Youtube too =)

nice post, good looking blog too x
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