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wow what a shoot................
weider x factor
The thing I dislike most about Virgin are their seats -- soooo uncomfortable the way they push your head just slightly forward. I'll take JetBlue with their better seats and greater leg room.
really? i've always had amazing service on virgin. not to mention the personal tvs where you can order drinks and food. love it.
I was coughing up a lung after choking on something before the plane took off and they refused to give me a drink of water!  That would never have happened on JetBlue or SW...
sounds like you had a bad apple of a flight. i've never had anything but the coolest crews and pleasant flights. yeah, the luggage thing sucks, but it's just a matter of time before JB and SW do it too... bet ya $25 :-)
@shutterbug let's hope you're right, but I'm unlikely to give them another try, even for $25! =)