Vancouver Olympics: Food

Food in Vancouver is out of this world.

  • 1 Fish 'n' chips on Granville Island
  • 2-3 Izakaya at Guu with Garlic (pictured here are the okonomiyake and cream corn croquettes)
  • 4 Souffle thick toast, pearl milk tea, and HK style coffee at Leisure Tea & Coffee
  • 5-10 Fried chicken cartilage (crunchy!), kimchee yaki udon, various dellishous skewers (quail egg wrapped in pork, savory mochi topped with kraft singles, etc) at Zakkushi Grill.  Also had their ginger beer which was light and tasty.
  • 11 Green tea macarons at Chicco Bakery
  • 12 Ridiculously rich cheese ramen at Kintaro (handmade noodles in homemade pork bone tonkatsu broth topped with shredded mozzarella and the fattiest pork slices I've ever seen).  I actually preferred the shio ramen with lean pork.
  • 13-14 JAPADOG, quite possibly the greatest thing we ate in Vancouver. Totally worth the 30 min wait.  In the rain.
  • 15-16 Dandan noodles and beef chow fun at No. 9 Cafe in Richmond.
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Enjoyed all your Olympics pics. Especially the food shots!
*like* !!
@Vivian seriously the food is amazing. I am dreaming of japadog!! Do they airmail their hot dogs to the states!?
ramen and mozzarella? weird! japadog sounds amazing...i want to try it!
I know it sounds weird, but it was pretty good!  Verrrrry rich.  But I preferred the shio (salt) ramen. Delicious.
OMG, you didn't eat at Vij's :(
I'm sorry, we totally ran out of time!  They are almost impossible to get a table at!
The generally acceptable alternative is to eat lunch at the place next door, which is run by him too and serves the same food but at a lower price and with no need for reservations.
I had no idea - thanks for the tip, I'll remember that the next time I'm in Vancouver =)
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