Two amazing products you need to try NOW.

This is what I do instead of elbowing my way through throngs of high schoolers trying to watch Wall-E on opening night (which, mind you, I am dying to see).

Amazon MP3 Downloads

I'm amazed that this doesn't get more press/hype.  For those of us who have a shred of moral fiber (just a shred) in us and prefer to buy music legitimately, I don't know why anyone uses iTunes when they can get DRM-free mp3s from Amazon.  Plus, every Friday they put out 5 CDs for $5.  Last week I bought 'Raising Sand,' a collaboration between Alison Krauss and Robert Plant.

And, the Wii Fit

I just went over to some friends' house to play it after they have been raving about it for weeks.  It is so cool.  You stand on this balance pad that can (very precisely) detect where your center of balance is and it guides you through four types of exercises: Aerobics, Yoga, Strengthening, and Balance.  Lots of fun games and things that really--no, seriously--give you a workout.  It can calculate your BMI and set a target BMI for you to reach within a set number of weeks.  Also I learned that I'm quite unbalanced--my right side is much weaker than my left.  I'm considering getting a Wii just so I can play Wii Fit.

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Why am I not using Amazon to buy music?

Maybe it’s because I can’t find the “add-to-cart” button!

Hmm. Posterous should take advantage of wide-screen monitors better instead of wasting all the space on both sides :-(

Yeah I guess you have to set up 1-click ordering, which is a pain the first
time, but takes like a minute.

Btw, I think the look/design of

I buy basically all my music on Amazon mp3. DRM free mp3s for less than the cost of the physical CD, why not!

Speaking of new products...

Check out our new 3D web browser... Exitreality.

Would love to hear what you think.

BTW... congratulations to the Posterous crew for putting this together. Not since Google have I seen something so simple, elegant and useful. Brilliant...

I bought Wii Fit on launch day here in Italy, as a gift for my girlfriend. We've been using it for a while and it's really fun :) Also, if you want to make fun of somebody, just record a video while he/she's playing the hula hoop on hard mode. Definitely hilarious xD

Yeah I saw that one Youtube video of a guy who had taped his girlfriend. It
got like 5 million views!

Agree with your post on Amazon Music, although I've been using YahooMusic Unlimited for several years (downloads are DRM protected but allows unlimited downloads). Supposedly, it may disappear; if so, I'll look into Amazon's service.
Also, if you like Raising Sand, you might like Uncle Earl--if you haven't already listened to them. Their music is primarily Appalachian folk rather than Krauss and Plant's mixture of folk/bluegrass with blues and country.

Interesting, I actually found some of Raising Sand a little slow-moving, or just a touch too twangy.  But I'll try to check out Uncle Earl, thanks for the recco =)