Took this guy's V-card.

As in, my representative's virtual business card.  I think!  I just got an e-mail from this guy for the first time and had to do this double-take at the image he included as a signature.  Whoever came up with this V-card thing clearly didn't think things all the way through.  That, or I have my mind in the gutter.  Either way, I thought it was pretty amusing.

Oh, and I love how "Representative" isn't spelled correctly either.

UPDATE: Okay Garry just set me straight and let me know that vCard is a legitimate "techie" term (per Wikipedia).  However, Urban Dictionary tells us that V-Card means something entirely different.
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I've heard of the term before, but usually it's sans hyphen. I'm still horrified by the spelling mistake...good lord
i must be terribly angelic, because i can't figure out why your mind is in the gutter!!
haha, "terribly angelic."  What a great oxymoron.  Anyway, Steph, just follow the urban dictionary link.