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This was totally funny. :P
Hey Will!  So glad to see you on Posterous.  I just subscribed :)
LOLs, the guy is so moved.  "Oh my gosh!  Double rainbow across the sky!  It's so bright, so vivid!  What does it MEANNNNN??"
I saw this vid for the first time right here. I appreciate the guy's wonderment, but really, rainbows aren't THAT unusual. And what did HE mean by "What does it mean?"?
@Matthew I think it was the fullness and the double-ness of the rainbow that floored him, and I think he maybe saw it as a sign but he had no clue what it was?  That's why I think maybe this guy is needing God more than others... that's what you might call a "seeker."  For those of us who do believe in God, the meaning of things like a double rainbow is pretty clear... 
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