Third quarter check-in

A very random post from davidian of old Xanga days made me super nostalgic and reminded me that I haven't been writing in a long, long time. There was a time when I wrote, a LOT, and often. These days all the writing I do is crafting that perfectly, politically balanced but effective e-mail to my team at work. And maybe sometimes the Facebook post that quips just so (yet strangely feels like no one really cares what I ate on Sunday night, or who with).

I can't believe it's been more than TEN YEARS since I first discovered and picked up Xanga as a medium for self expression. Back then I always wondered how long I'd be able to keep it up, and whether I would still feel the need/urge to blog ten years into the future. I guess I have my answer now.

That said, I was reminded also of my yearly to-do list and first things first - gotta check in to see how I'm doing on this year's list. 2012 has been infinitely better than 2011, so I'm already pretty happy about that.  Here goes.


2012 To-Do List

Journal/talk to God at least once/day, even if it's just 1 sentence about how the day went. [FAIL]

Stop using meaningless words in everyday conversation [FAIL]:

  • totally
  • seriously
  • random
  • like
  • super

Stop cursing [EXTRA BIG FAIL]

Take better care of myself [I think I get a 'C' on this.]

  • Grooming/pampering: weekly at-home facial/pedicure, massage 1x/month, haircut 3x/year, eyebrows threaded every 2 months, wear makeup 1x/week, ModVellum facial 4x/year [Yea I've pretty much accomplished about half of this]
  • Medical: Find a gynecologist, floss 4-5x/week, take vitamin D pills [I actually get a B+/A- on this. I did my yearly girly exam, floss EVERY DAY and generally remember to take my vitamin D pills]
  • Serious workout 1x/week [LOL]
  • 7+ hours sleep/night [LOL]

Join an fellowship group and go to church at least 2x/month [FAIL]

At least 1 outdoorsy activity/month [Pretty sure I've stuck to this]

Tackle 2-3 major organization projects until the whole house is in order

  • Computer stuff
  • Mementos
  • Paper files: medical/dental records etc.
  • Financial stuff
  • Upstairs closet
  • Downstairs closet
  • Jewelry
  • Sell/give away stuff: futon, old laptop, wedding gown, decor, appliances, other furniture
  • Hang art/place decor
  • Print photos of friends/family to display around the house

Rebuild the pieces of my digital life - since my hard drive was stolen in July. Back it up in the cloud.

  • Photos
  • Music
  • Writings
  • Finance stuff

Travel [This is the one area we've been doing pretty well on]

  • Hawaii [went in February]
  • Honeymoon to Europe [we went to Italy in May]
  • One other domestic trip [I get bonus points for this because we went to Sundance and I also went to Alaska, as well as Denver for work]
  • One other international trip [Working on this, may be able to squeeze it in during the holidays]
  • Three trips to LA (Magic Mountain one visit) [I think I've done about 5 at least, but no MM]
  • Two camping trips (Burning Man for one) - [we did China camp and Emigrant Wilderness]
  • At least one summer weekend in Tahoe [This is the only thing I may not get to do]


  • Host people at home 1x/month [Meh, more or less...]
  • At least 1 concert, film, or other major event every 2 months
  • Read: finish the Far Pavilions, Malcolm X, Bluebeard [Gah, I got stuck halfway through The Far Pavilions, but I've read a LOT of other stuff, so don't I get a pass here?]
  • Cook: Julia Child's boeuf bourguinon, French macarons, homemade bread, cultured butter [I haven't made ANY of this stuff]
  • Send out Christmas cards [There's still time!]
  • One writing project: short story or script outline [There's still time!]
  • Learn how to code and/or design [There's still time!]


  • An iPhone and/or small point-and-shoot camera
  • A new laptop
  • One serious designer piece [I don't know if I'll work up the nerve to do this.]
  • A label-maker