Things I want to do in LA this weekend

I'll be in LA for my gramma's 90th birthday and a wedding.  Other things I want to do with my four days there (besides see friends and family):
  • I can't stop thinking about heading up to Burbank for just two reasons: 1) Porto's Bakery, the best bakery ever, where I intend to by a dozen guava-cream cheese pastries and at least two potato balls.  And get a cuban medianoche, if I have room.  And 2) It's a Wrap , the fantastic vintage store that culls clothing from TV and film shoots, where I got a $300 Marc Jacobs blazer for $40.
  • Ok, maybe a third.  It would be nice to finally try Sushi Katsu-ya or Sushi Nozawa (the sushi Nazi), but maybe I should wait until Garry can join me for that.
  • The LACMA, free after 5pm.
  • The Long Beach Antiques Market, which is happening this Sunday.
  • One of the following lunch/brunch places: John O'Groats, Clementine, Luna Park, Bossa Nova, giant pancakes at the Griddle Cafe , Original Pantry which I never tried, Susina for transcendent chocolate croissants, and Grub.
  • Hanging out in Silverlake: The Kitchen, Pazzo Gelato, and that pizza place (any more suggestions?)
  • Gorging myself on the best fish tacos of my life at Taco Nazo.
  • Getting drinks at a chill, un-obnoxious bar: the Abbey, Cafe des Artistes, the Arsenal, Cat & Fiddle (my favorite bar in the world), Chaya Brasserie ($5 drinks on Mondays still?)
  • Slurping the most authentic tom kha gai at Sanamluang  cafe in Thai Town
  • Funky shopping along Melrose Blvd between La Brea and Fairfax
  • Half roasted chicken smothered in garlic sauce, with rice and black beans and plantains at Versailles Cuban Food .
  • Gourmet burget and beer at Father's Office 
  • Farmer's Market on third: gumbo, Banana Leaf, and Loteria!
I am drooling and I can't wait.
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You gots to do 鼎泰豐 (Ding Tai Fung) out in Arcadia.
Don't worry, I did Din Tai Fung a bunch when I was in Beijing... I'd like to do it if I can but not my top priority this weekend.  Fish tacos are much more important =)  The xiaolongbao are delish though =)

I just wish we have one here in the Bay Area. Why are we so lame?

We went to the original one in Taipei last year and boy that was awesome.

Have a great time in LA. There so much great food down there, but I wouldn't dare say that out loud in SF lest I want a debate with a Bay Area native with an inferiority complex.

SERIOUSLY.  I love LA so much more than SF.  Btw, I hear the original Din Tai Fung is da bomb.

The wait at Din Tai Fung is always like 2+ hours long on weekends! Mouthwatering dumplings.

Porto's is awesome! If you like cupcakes, check out Sprinkles in Bev Hills (best red velvet ever).

The Los Feliz area also offers some good eats - Alcove is one of my faves.

Palms is another good rest in Thai Town.

Oh man, Father's Office is so yummy, I love their sweet potato fries that come in its little shopping cart.

Wish I could think of more suggestions, but I think you've got a big list planned out already.
Enjoy your stay in LA. =)

hi steph! i found your blog. miss ya!
Hehe... hi renee!  Hopefully i'll come back down soon!