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ahhh, milk chai sounds fantastic, when my fingers are frozen as i type.
Ohhhh, how my mouth waters!....very beautiful proportions, perfect composition, divine accord in all the elements!
haha @Bill what a poetic comment!  Thanks =)
Those bananna slices look yummy for some reason! I should make a point to eat breakfast!
Hmm, I'm getting hungry already.
i officially designate you the breakfast champ of posterous, it means you have to post every breakfast pic for some of us with limited imaginations to the simple oatmeal and well, just oatmeal...
@Trend oh I have a really good picture of dressed-up oatmeal =)  Will post eventually.
Question: do you make your own waffles in a wafflemaker from waffle sauce you made yourself? Or do you microwave some Eggos? Just curious.
@Tony you're kidding, right? . . . I made waffles from this recipe using Garry's wafflemaker.  You should come over for waffles sometime.