Summer in Lake Tahoe

I can think of few places more gorgeous than the Lake Tahoe area in the summertime.  


    • Sand Harbor Beach (on the NW side in Nevada)
    • Sunset on the South Lake shore
    • Hiking up past Eagle Falls to Eagle Lake
    I'll definitely be going back this summer, hopefully 2-3 times!
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    Thanks Stephanie for checking out my blogs! Yeah, I created two: the last one is created with my photographer friend Tina, all about our travels backpacking in Palawan, Philippines. Nice pics from Tahoe by the way, love the photo montage idea!
    That's awesome, Kelly!  Glad you are liking Posterous =)  I'll mention it to Garry!
    Wow, I didn't know Lake Tahoe was so beautiful. I may have to put it on my "places to see" list.
    Yes definitely beautiful, but not all parts are THIS beautiful.  This one was a bit of a drive up the eastern shore.
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