Strawberry surplus + hot summer days = homemade popsicles!

I bought a flat of strawberries from Costco - four pounds for $4.50.  Amazing right?  And they were deliciously sweet too.  But then a week later I realized I had been too ambitious, because they were starting to look kind of frail and I still had about half the box left, even after gorging on berry parfaits for breakfast all week.

So I stuck them all in my food processor (I'm sure a blender works too) with a bit of sugar...reserved a few chopped strawberries to mix in whole...and dropped the mixture into popsicle molds that I bought from Kamei for $1.29.  Yes people, a delicious and healthy snack.

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yummm delicious
mmmmm...good idea!
Great idea. I'm going to make some popsicles with Theo. He loves strawberries. You are awesome.
Great! To note, my popsicles were a little icier than the Dole fruit n
juice bars I used to love before they pulled them off the market. I
don't know what they add to make a softer/smoother texture. Maybe
something unnatural like guar gum. Also, I only added a tablespoon or
two of sugar. You might want to experiment w/ the amt, or even try
honey. Have fun! Theo will not enjoy waiting for these to freeze :).
 I got so impatient!
amazing! i recommend strawberry milkshakes/smoothies, strawberry tarts, and/or strawberry gazpacho next time!
I chop and freeze costco strawberries, pineappes and peaches which are later put into a blender w/ OJ and some rum.. MMMMMM....
yum'yum.. i love straberries.. try to make a cake out of it.. its great! :)
oh man this looks awesome!
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