Sorry, I totally couldn't resist posting about the second official New Moon which Jacob Black makes his moves and swishes around that beautiful long hair of his.

I know I am just setting myself up for disappointment when November comes and me and my grown-up friends get trampled in the theater by scores of rabid teenagers on their way to watch the New Moon movie. But I find myself pouncing on every little morsel we're getting in the way of previews, and savoring it in a most untoward fashion.

Anyway I really wish Jacob Black didn't have to chop his beautiful hair off halfway through the movie. It's such a shame. I am not usually into long-haired dudes but on native Americans, it works. In fact, on Jacob Black, the mane is downright dreamy. (I mean... 0:30-32, 0:39 even though it's so obviously CGI'd, and that intense look at 0:55 omg omg omg omg OMG!).

Yes I realize I'm talking as if he's a real person. Shut up. Team Jacob 4-evarrrrr.

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hahahahhaha steph! isn't he like, 18 years old. How do they make him look so beefed up and...manly? haha!
Dudette, the actor is 17.  Which of course is even grosser.  I think a lot of the beefiness is real actually - the kid worked so hard to gain that 30 lbs of muscle for the sequel (and kept his role).
lol. is it sad that this trailer actually made me want to watch the movie? i finished reading the first one recently, thought the movie sucked and could barely pass 80 pages in the second book. but this trailer...hmm..intrigued.

hilarious how the ending clip has the url, :)

Sad?  Hells no!  I get heart palpitations watching it.  I agree the writing in the books sucks, the first movie sucked, and Edward sucks (literally! hah!).  But Jacob Black saves it all.  I think the only reason I was able to get thru New Moon (the book) is that I totally skipped all the smarmy vampire shit in the beginning and went straight for the part where she starts getting close to the werewolf.  Annie sent me the PDF versions so I just ctrl-F for Jacob's name.  So delicious.
LOL. "ctrl-F for Jacob's name" :D
m'dear it was a VERY efficient way to read a long, angsty and rambly book! =)