Something I haven't done in a while: Early 90s Monday

I get the feeling there are a lot of people who don't quite know what to make of my early 90s Monday series, and maybe like 3 people who think it's totally awesome.  I'm catering to those 3 people right now with two mid-school (certainly not oldschool, and not quite newschool) Michael Jackson hits.  Man, I totally LOVED these videos when they first came out--still do.

Michael Jackson, "Black or White," 1991
Macauley Culkin on the heels of his Home Alone success, Jackson's still-present nose, Tyra Banks, and video people-morphing.  Need I say more?

Michael Jackson, "Remember the Time," 1992
A really involved production, a short film studded with stars like Magic Johnson, Eddie Murphy, IMAN, George Foreman.  Murphy puts on his "Coming to America" face.