Someone please tell me what to do...

...with this awful void left by the Beijing Summer Olympics.  What will give us all such a great excuse to procrastinate, stay up late, and show up at work with sleepy eyes?  Not since 1996 has an Olympics game been so much fun to follow!

Pictures from various Google Image searches.

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man, i was so annoyed. i went to the office today thinking i could catch the olympics at 12am (like it said on the NBC website)...

an hour ago i learned that it was already being broadcasted!

Read up n the Greek and Roman history that created the games and was brought back to life as the modern Olympic's. Includin keep in mind the amount of travel yhis empires allowed inside their boarders. And the tremendous record keeping and copying it took to haxe the few recods surrive throught time.
i'm still looking for the opening ceremonies online. Yeah, i'm way behind on current events :)
Apparently you can now get them on DVD from that's probably why they are not online =\

I say take up knitting :-D

Man, wish i had more time and got to watch more events.

Yeah, I know. I get so caught up in them, even the minor sports that wouldn't seem all that interesting normally. It's addictive!
I can't believe its over already!Now I don't have anything to look forward to watching anymore.But they made a lot of awsome pics :]
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