So who else is rooting for Mike Chang, aka Glee's “Other Asian," to break his silence?

I mean, have you ever heard him speak a full sentence in all 19 episodes?  And have you ever seen anything as delightful as the tap dance number between Glee characters Mike Chang and Tina Cohen-Chang?  Ew, I just realized they have the same last name, sort of. Guess that coupling is never going to happen.  

It's too bad, because even though Tina's supposed to be with Artie, she had about 100x more chemistry with Mike in that 3-minute dance number than she's had with Artie in the last 19 episodes.  And it's not because Artie's in a wheelchair.  It's because their personalities are so awkward together.  And Harry Shum Jr., who plays Mike Chang, is really such a better dancer (he's appeared in the triumvirate of modern street dance movies: Step Up 2: The Streets, You Got Served, and Stomp the Yard).
I just spent about the last hour playing the dance sequence over and over again, so charmed was I.  You can catch the full episode ("Dream On") on Hulu, of course.  The good news is, having shone in this episode, Mike Chang will get more of a storyline in future episodes!
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Well, artie is a good lad.. so don't worry.:)
@abc Haha unfortunately since artie's character has had a chance to develop a bit, we've seen his insecurities/immaturity as much as we've seen his goodness (just as we've seen for all the other major characters).  Realistic, I know, but my argument is we haven't had a chance to see Mike Chang's character in action, so he could be even better!
i was a fan of artie & tina, but when i heard mike &tina are going to be a couple on the next season, got excited!
@trippergiggler lol me too! lol I've always been rooting for Mike & Tina after Dream On lol