So normally I'm not this competitive...

...oh, who am I kidding.  Of course I'm competitive, especially when it comes to building traffic for my fashion blog, Wearability.  I was curious so I graphed out the yearly traffic charts for four leading fashion blogs (also my favorites):

I'm pretty fascinated by the growth curves and want to go back and analyze what was happening on those sites to drive the growth, or if it was external factors like press mentions and kanye west's recommendation.  I think I have spent a little too long in the internet marketing world, where it is all metrics and levers and optimization.

At any rate, this quick study gives me a bit of hope - looking at it, it's obvious that all sites, great and small, have to start somewhere.  I think it's important what you do to build momentum, how you sustain it, and whether you're publishing things that really speak to people.