S/He called me baby...all night long

I just really like this song ("Kandi, by One Eskimo).  It's sad and sexy all at the same time.

Did some digging and learned it is sampled off this lovely, soulful rendition of "He Called Me Baby" by Candi Stanton:

Which in turn was a cover of this country song that's been covered within an inch of its life by the likes of Patsy Cline (originally by Harlan Howard), which sounds like a really bad karaoke song:

I definitely think we're making progress.
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thanks! i've been listening to this song alot recently and wondered where i had heard it before. I am not so keen on the original, tho...
@Craig you mean the original country version? yeah it's pretty awful... I think i like the newest version the best.
Hey Stephanie, first timer here. Wasn't familiar with One Eskimo. Cool song. Liked how you made the connections.
Glad you like it, Matthew!  All it took was a little digging on Youtube =)
Absolutely!! I too have not been able to shake the most recent outta my head and sure enough, as I go digging for info, y'all good folks have it right on.Thanks!
All of you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do yourselves a great favor and go directly to Utube and listen to Patsy Cline's version of this. You won't believe what a great singer she was...
I liek that song too, but I prefer the original version Shook me all night long by ACDC. this band definitely achieve to get all goals. I'm sure they had to Buy Viagra to fuck all groupies wanted fucking to them.
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