Ritziest 99 Ranch I've ever seen.

The new 99 Ranch Market in Mountain View.  It's like an Asian Whole Foods--so fannncy!  We got panko breadcrumbs, large pea shoots and lots of other Asian goodies.  Plus, I got Garry and early Christmas present: a fancy Zojirushi rice cooker.  A far cry from my $15 Yan Can Cook ghetto rice cooker--my brother swears by his Zojirushi.  We look forward to many batches of perfectly cooked rice.

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whoah, i had no clue it was actually called aji-no-moto
Yup my parents used to use this stuff in their cooking all the time... I had no idea aji-no-moto was also MSG =)
I heart umami!
I have never used a rice cooker, do you just put everything in and it does the work? I am tired of rice boiling over on the stovetop.
You just put rice and water in, and you can even set a timer so that you can have fresh rice when you come home from work! Or I like to set it before I sleep and get hot fresh porridge for breakfast.
haha yes, Asian Whole Foods! Never thought of 99 Ranch that way!
steph please share with us your recipes
Oh dear I don't really have recipes!
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