Posting early: Early 90s Monday

I couldn't wait to lay on some more early nineties goodness.

Mr. Big, "Be With You" 1991
To me, this ranks almost right up there with "More Than Words."  (Don't worry, I'll be posting that one too, but I'm trying to start out with slightly lesser-known picks.)  Especially since both songs are pretty much the only songs from these two bands that any of us really know.  And both translate so beautifully to karaoke.  Just try not to belt it out, I dare you.

Mint Condition, "Breakin' My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)" 1991
I wanted to draw out the 1991 picks but there are just so many awesome ones.  This one, I think, is smootherific early-nineties R&B at its very finest.  Who knows what other songs Mint Condition actually released?

Sorry for the poor quality and lack of actual video... I couldn't find an embeddable version on YouTube, those Universal bastards.

Lastly, I just realized that no one could watch the "Indo Smoke" video because embedding was disabled (props to you if you actually clicked through to YouTube for it).  So here's just the song (no video, sorry):

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Mr. Big? And you're filing this under "Great Music of the Late 80s and Early 90s?" Really?
Just that song, and yes, definitely!

Thanks for posting your music segment - nice trip down memory lane. It doesn't qualify as early 90s but I also love Mint Condition's later release "What Kind of Man Would I Be"
I actually bought the Mr Big track on CD when it came out. I knew if I kept it long enough it would become a classic ;-)
muahahaa.  I'm glad someone agrees with me about the classic quality of this track =)

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