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Gorgeous images! Mahalo for sharing your beautiful work!
Love it there - nice captures! Is there still a pier out there?
ohhh hear the rhythm of the waves, smell the salty air, that drop of temp as the sun goes down... ahhhh thanks for sharing
Aw thanks everyone! It was definitely beautiful so I had to share. @Joe yes there is a pier but I went to a beach a little ways south on PCH from the pier.
I sometimes get the impression that the West Cost is more dramatic than the East Coast (except for Maine).
Dumb me. I just realized that the West Coast has nice sunsets but the East Coast gets a sunrise.
@George Problem is, I can never get up early enough to catch the sunrise, so I'm happy/proud to be a californian.
sunset is usually the most beautiful moment and this seems to be applicable to those nice things that don't last - http://sextisfaction.wordpress.com
I know it's long overdue, but....beautiful!
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