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Yum, but wait...what??? You didn't get a Frosty?! #fail
@estherlily but you wouldn't have gotten a Frosty either if you'd been reading the nutrition facts right before ordering like I did!
+1 for junk food
lol. i was drooling over the wendy's commercial the other day. what did you end up getting? :)
Cute picture. And the food looks good too!
i love wendy's. I always get the spicy chicken sandwich, fries, and a frosty. Best fast food chicken sandwich you can get

I hate to call it out, but In n Out burgers and fries have just as much fat and as many calories as other fast food joints. And their chocolate shake is about the same or worse than a frosty.

Stephanie, you look sooooo happy in this pic. May your stomach always be full and your heart always be happy. Cheers, PT
Wonder why Wendy's has so many empty tables.
There are many different types of burger bar in most parts of the world, some better known than others. If we choose a hamburger with fries and soft drinks in these places, you can easily compare a caloric intake of up to 2,000 calories. The number of calories for many, a small proportion can reduce consumption somewhat, but the number is still quite high.

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