Oldschool Monday: I'm feeling rawther moon-y.

Whenever I was feeling lovelorn (pshaw, as a kid, really!) I'd sit around and listen to songs like these and moon.  (Many people don't know the definition of 'moon' in this context. According to Merriam Webster, it originated in 1836, and means, 'to spend in idle reverie : dream—used with away.') The songs still conjure up delicious feelings of unrequited luuuuuuuurve.  Haha!

SVW (or Sisters With Voices), "Weak," 1992
Just some solid, early '90s R&B gold.

The Bangles, "Eternal Flame," 1989
I know, a bit earlier than the parameters of this series.  But oh-so-good.  I always thought it would make a good prom theme, but people thought it sounded too much like burning in the fiery pit of you-know-where.  It should have a place on tender mixtapes everywhere.

And, this sweet song from Expose released in 1990 - "I'll Never Get Over You (Getting Over Me)"

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ohhhh.. love Eternal Flames & Expose's - when i get nostalgic, i'll sing it in karaoke haha...
HAHAH! Wow do I feel old.
I love your oldschool Monday posts! My friends and I used to tape record ourselves singing along to SWV. lol
Hehehe... glad you like them!  Music was just so darn good back then!