Odd instruments I was given this weekend


Exhibit A: A simple wooden tool sent to Garry and I by M, who had just completed the Paris leg of her round-the-world trip with J.  The only clue we got--it was "something to play with in the kitchen."  For the longest time Garry and I couldn't for the life of us figure out what it was.

Exhibit B: A fish-tail looking thing made of silver.  I noticed it on my friend Jules' bookshelf this weekend at her housewarming party.  She promptly offered it to me, and the instrument in Exhibit C (see below), because someone else had given it to her and she didn't want it.  The only clue I had was the etching at the top: "Mariage Freres Paris."

Exhibit C: Also from Juliana.  Clearly a spoon with a mother-of-pearl bowl and a delicately silver-smithed handle that reads, "Christoph Widmann .925"  But what is it for?

Guessing CLOSED.

ANSWERS: A = Crepe stick/spreader.  B = Tea scoop.  C = Caviar spoon.  So I think between everyone ya'll got it right!