O glorious fat: Deep-fry party!

Our old Texan B2B teammate is picking up and moving to NYC, so we decided to give her an epic sendoff in true Texan tradition: by bringing together five people, two deep fat fryers, and frying a crapton of awesomeness. On the menu:

  • Chicken strips marinated for two hours in buttermilk and crusted in cornflakes
  • Tempura veggies, including: sliced lotus root, broccoli, Chinese eggplant, green beans, and giant fat crimini mushrooms
  • Italian-breaded buffalo mozzarella balls
  • Desserts: beer-battered candy bars, beer-battered Oreos, and of course, deep fried twinkies!
You'd think I felt disgusting afterward, but you'd be wrong. I felt awesome!
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yum yum
Oh man! I was totally thinking of having a deep-fry party myself!
@slu yeah you totally should!
On the lower right side of the computer key board there is a flap raise it and insert some of those tasty looking items in and put up my e-mail address and then click send. Thank you .I will be waiting...