Now that's a Tumblr I can get behind.

A Tumblr that enumerates the many, many reasons we HATE restaurant websites. I'd say this also applies to really uppity, high-fallutin brand retail websites.

Some excerpted gems:
  • “I love downloading PDFs. Even if the menu is totally out of date, it’s worth the thrill.”
  • “I enjoy clicking on separate menu links to view the Appetizers, Salads, Meat Entrees, Fish Entrees, Pastas, and Desserts.
  • “I want to know more about the personal life of the person who is preparing my food.”
  • “I wish this website would devote a lot more space and effort to a ‘welcome to this website’ paragraph that no one will ever read instead of prominently listing their hours of operation.”
  • “Why would anyone want to skip this intro? I think I'll watch it again.”

From Thrillist:

Launched just before the New Year, this passive-aggressively awesome Tumblr skewers the loads of horrible restaurant websites, offering up facetious quotes that praise bandwidth-sucking splash pages, broken links, outdated essentials, and music that blasts as soon as the site loads, also, in other circumstances, a totally different phenomenon that's actually quite nice.