Not your average engagement photos

Engagement photos normally make me feel a bit nauseated, though modern-minded photographers these days are really trying hard to come up with new and original poses/backrounds/angles to make the photos seem fresh.  I came across this album my friend Erika (who, incidentally, lives in Singapore, though she's not ditzy like the girls featured in my previous post) posted on Facebook, and I had to do a double-take.  I'd never seen "engagement" done like this before!

I really like that they had so much fun with the shoot (done in her native Bali, Indonesia), dressing up, splashing around, hamming it up for the camera, and not taking themselves too seriously.  I especially love the first and last photos.

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Awesome. I would absolutely like something like this when that day comes.
a lovely couple...but truth is, I think he is outclassed.
Haha I don't know the guy but my friend certainly is a classy girl!
I love 8 the way they are looking at each other.
anyone who loves timepieces, will appreciate this! Very neat idea, great photos!
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