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Incredible photos. They look like paintings. I would love to visit China.
Stunning images.
@brad China is pretty damn awesome.

yes it is. the cities are amazing also. I would love to spend a few months in the major cities and interior country side.
@brad I mainly want to go to three places: Xinjiang, Tibet, and the Fujian province, where my grandpa came from.

I was going to ask you where your parents or grandparents were from. Some generations down the family tree, some of my relatives are from Scotland and Ireland. I still can't track down my family tree very well. But on my mom's side we are related to the Clan McNeil. Not too sure about my dad's side. I want to see Scotland too. Clan McNeil has a family castle on Berra Island, Scotland. I just need to marry a rich woman so I can travel everywhere. It doesnt pay to be a graphic designer. Not in my town or state anyway.
wtf is "interior country side" ya yank
ya bass - i be of the mckay clan!

wheres the first pic from? documentary i saw recently had a guy passing through

@mike lol keep drinking your whiskey. jk. I want to visit Birmingham, England also. I saw on your town's website where they used the wrong Birmingham skyline. They used my states Birmingham skyline, not England's. Whats going on with web designers in England. Mike, I hate slow walkers too.
whiskey :f couple bottles of alcopops & id be throwing up :x

ye i heard about that skyline thing lol, didnt actually see it though or anything. dunno why youd want to visit here :x although i went to london recently & dont really know why people would want to go there besides seeing the palace/parliament but wouldnt say it was worth a plane ticket :x

no idea @ web designers. im limited to a few months of xhtml/css/js =]

ps vote obama
@Mike I just really want to travel one of these days. Well you would be the one to know better whether B'ham or London is worth visiting. A friend of mine's cousin lived in York for a few years working at Tysis. Then about three years ago my friend and his wife visited and liked York a lot but didnt really care for London. They brought back some great tea from Betty's in York.

I know better not to vote for Obama. I'll say no to McBush.

Take in easy in Birmingham. Get busy on your first post. lol.

@Mike I have a chick friend thats very smart but for some reason she likes Palin. She loves and connects with her fiestiness. Little does she know that John McCain said this:
"women just need more education and job training." Referring to equal pay for equal work. I have to tell her that and see how well that goes over. She still thinks Obama is terrorist. Wtf.
Dunno, no real sites in birmingham; famous strip club/some nice statues by a fountain...depends what you like. well there's a china town with good dim sum. depends your reasons for going like if i were to go to america i wouldnt go to washington because its the whitehouse then a few other buildings/art gallerys, kind of the way i view london. instead id go to NY/LA

Next summer i plan to go to scotland to walk the length of the strathnaver (the mckay clan main area) ending here http://www.northhighlandsscotland.com/images/photos/torrisdalebay_404.jpg

sounds like a dumb feminist and or redneck, no other reason to support the gun touting, anti-abortion preaching, crazed christian, soccer mom who has security experience due to how close russia is to alaska

dunno what to do it on :f not big on the whole dear diary thing. will prob make some jdrama thing that i can refer to
I just put whatever on my blog. Things I find from youtube, mixx.com, engadget, techcrunch, things that happen going out, photos, projects that I have finished, etc. I dont have a set theme or focus but you can if you want. You post something about Palin or any other political thing, one about the McKay Clan or about how slow people walk in front of you one day and how you just want to push them out of the way or knock them in the head. Whatever you want to post. Jdrama sounds good to me. Look around at others to see what how they use their posterous if you want. Stephanie's is a good example.

Sorry Stephanie for getting waaaayyy off the subject of the post.

yeah would you guys mind taking the discussion offline please?  Thanks!

pai chi lui =[
you still didnt answer my Q of where pic 1 is taken steph :P
O sorry it got lost amid all the other conversation happening... I think that is taken in Yunnan also.  Not sure.  I didn't take it.

Welcome to china! When you were in china,you will find more awesome things~~~

oh,my! it seems like i have to practice my english more~

I want to have some friends who are not in china,hoho~

I'll be your friend
W-O-W. Breath-taking pictures.
come visit, stephanie :)
where the second pic taken
dunno what to do it on :f not big on the whole dear diary thing. will prob make some jdrama thing that i can refer to
China is pretty damn awesome.
You like get bargains at china!
wats else out there in china ?
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