Matthew Vaughn + X-Men = Match Made in Heaven

I guess I must have been living under a rock, but I just found out that Matthew Vaughn will be helming the next installment of X-Men, one of my favoritest superhero franchises evar. At long last, this super talented director may finally get the kind of marketing treatment he so richly deserves (I blogged a while back about how his other excellent movies have had the unfortunate fate of terribly inappropriate marketing).

I'm glad someone in Hollywood is paying attention and realizes just how good Mr. Vaughn is. AND they cast James McEvoy. I can't wait for the release!

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Totally agree! I've been following this production from the start and I knew Vaughn would have a fresh, exciting take on the X-Men world. I think the trailer is a good indication that he knows exactly how to handle this story.

Have you heard that Vaughn is planning a new film "The Golden Age" - about retired superheroes? He wants Clint Eastwood to star.

@matthew wow that's pretty awesome. But what i really wanna see is another fantasy action-adventure like Stardust :)
James Mc Avoy!!! This is the best news ever. It's my most favourite superhero franchisees too. Cannot wait for the release now. For some reason, I always thought Mc Avoy ought to have been a part of the series. Ah, this news is awesome!
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