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Well, there go all of my illusions about being cutting-edge! Ready Made, sure. Beyond that, I'm out of the running. :)

I still like my lazy-afternoon combination: Cosmo, New Yorker, and Seventeen. ^__~ Modern woman, I am not.

New Yorker does not = lazy.  But man, I picked up a Cosmo the other day and was floored by how young it skewed!  I could have sworn it used to skew towards slightly older women, but now it looks more like college-age.  I couldn't relate at all!  If i want to read trashy mags I'm going for US Weekly or Lucky.  Both give you only what you really want--US Weekly gives only celebrity gossip, no lame feel-good articles like People, and Lucky's not even trashy, it only gives fashion, not sex advice you're never going to use.  =)

I love W magazine. The photography is awesome!

I think Annie agrees with you =)