Look at these cool abstract expressionist stamps I got from the post office.

I'm happy to see the folks at USPS are venturing beyond the usual tacky "LOVE" stamps or stamp collections commemorating the films of John Wayne.  The other day when I went to mail I package, the postal worker asked me if I'd like any stamps with that.  "Why yes," I replied, remembering I was almost out of stamps.  He gave me this hefty book of stamps to flip through, and as soon as I saw the abstract expressionist collection (by far my favorite art movement), I knew I had to have them.

Includes Rotko, Pollack, Clyfford Still, and more.  The only one they were missing is Kline (my absolute favorite).
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That's cool. I love those guys.

Pollak and Rothko always remind me of Seattle when we used to get a bunch of canvases and all try our hand at painting something. I always went with abstract expressionism.

@Roy omg I still have some of those canvases lying around because Garry didn't have room to store them. They were... muy especiale. Glad you guys had fun painting them though!
I forgot about these. Kline is a big favorite of mine, too, but I guess you can't have everything.
@Tim maybe in the next edition of Abstract postal stamps, they'll include Kline =P