Just one more reason to love LA.

In any other city, food is expensive.  Going to Safeway for fruits and veggies means paying $4/lb for bell peppers.  But here, at the local Mexican ranch market, you can get a cornucopia of food for so absurdly cheap you'd think you were dreaming.  Your eyes do not deceive you: 
  • The watermelons below are $1.99 each (compared to $6 at your average supermarket)
  • The cantaloupe is $0.33/lb
  • The raspberries (actually they are bushberries, a hybrid) are TWO CONTAINERS FOR $1.  Tell that to Safeway, which sells them for $3-4 per container.
  • Fatty artichokes are also 2 for $1.

My dad and I walked out of there with 10 and a half pounds of cucumbers, onions, cabbage, lettuce, lemons, etc etc etc for a grand total of $7.43.

I love this greater metropolitan area.

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yeah produce in socal is so cheap. When my mom came to visit me in SF for the first time, she almost had a heart attack. For future visits, she actually brought produce with her (no joke, yummy home cooking!)

New York, of course, was even worse. Ouch!

me encantan las frutas! my mom always comes home with fruit "on steroids" (for a great bargain) in LA. Definite perk.
I called you when I was in LA this weekend (briefly) but I think I got your mom instead.

Anyways - that bushberry deal is no joke cool - I hope they were good. Hope all is well - peace out!

-Tony C. Yang
On BART en route to Oakland

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