In all the stuff that happened in the last few weeks, I totally missed the release of Kina Grannis' new album, Stairwells!

This girl is so talented.  And gorgeous.  I'm so totally in love.  But you may have already known that - I blogged about her back in September.   It's certainly interesting to hear the fully produced versions of the songs she first played on YouTube.  In some cases I think I prefer the rough versions.

If you like her stuff, buy it on iTunes - support a true indie artist!

Here's the official video for her single, "Valentine":

Incidentally I wonder how Don Hertzfeldt feels about her borrowing the concept from his 1995 animated short:

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The Hertzfeldt animation is inspiring, not for the love story but for the pics that a child could draw.
Kina Grannis is as good as anyone out there right now. Thanks, Stephanie. Here's another:
Thanks Yellowkid - I have definitely been developing a girl-crush on Priscilla Ahn too - she's great, but I almost like her speaking voice better than her singing voice!  Thanks for sharing =)
whoa whoa whoa whoa yellowkid, I am gonna have to disagree with your comment. Kina is BETTER than a lot of people out there right now. Definitely check out her Stairwells album on itunes. Here are some free downloads -
@kinerds wow you are really big on Kina eh? Even more than I am! It's cool =)
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