I'm Home!

Ahh, home sweet home.  Get ready for some nonstop posting action!  =D  Initial pictures include:
  • Case full of Vietnamese sweet treats, including the stuff my brother and I always called "green brains."
  • Pre-packaged Vietnamese snacks
  • Monk begging for alms outside the snack shop.  Barefoot.  I wasn't sure if he wanted money, or snacks.
  • The best Vietnamese coffee in the world.  Once you have it, everything else pales in comparison.
  • Random soy jerky at the supermarket
  • Southern Californian staples: the strip mall and palm trees.
  • Strip mall in Westminster, or Little Saigon

Arrrrgh, I forgot my sunblock.  I'm going to be burnt to a crisp.

6 responses
I am a big coffee fan...now I wanna try that coffee! I have to have like 4 cups to start my day off at around 5 AM, then 2 to 3 more around 8 AM after my workout. And maybe 1 or 2 more for lunch (the leftover brewed coffee from the morning)
This coffee is super strong stuff! I can only drink about a third or a half of it.

sounds like a winner to me. I need something like that to wake me up so I can get my day started on a fresh note!
damn, i want myself one of them spicy bahn mi.
dude that monk is HUGE!
Vietnamese coffee FTW! cali is always packed - you have to fight old ladies to get your order. i always go with a pro.