I'm going to miss this place.

The Mountain View shoreline at sunset is one of the most beautiful places I can think of being.  It's usually windy, but I like how the wind makes this half-dead place, with its half-dead shrubs and teeming wildlife, come to life.  

I think I'm going to try to come here almost every day before I move.  I don't even mind the goose poop.  And last night I saw a skunk (see the second to last picture)!

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that's amazing. it looks beautiful. i wouldn't have thought it was mountain view at all!

i was chased by a family of skunks at stanford once. scared the hell out of me. we got away though

Totally... I think MV is underrated.  I feel a little conflicted about moving further north.  I suppose I'll find things to love about Burlingame too... it'll take me a while, though.
I can't imagine being chased by a family of skunks.  They look so awkward loping around!  And aren't they generally running away, instead of chasing?

i would have thought/hoped skunks would run away from humans. but i remember sophomore year when i lived in kimball, i was returning home from somewhere with my friend nikhil (the one in boston you met) and these skunks were coming towards us. we bolted and made it through the door of the dorm just before they got to us. freaked me out. being sprayed by a skunk sounds like the worst thing ever.

i had a rabbit growing up and she was sprayed by a skunk once. we had to wash her a bunch of times and cut off some of her hair. very sad

Wow.  You didn't dunk her in a bath of tomato juice?  I wondered what a human should do, if sprayed by a skunk.  The same thing?
This is seriously beautiful. Isn't golden hour the BEST!?
Hehe this is a little past golden hour; it's actually twilight.  Still nice though.  Let's get up early tomorrow and take pictures at dawn!
Couldn't help but think of Montaña de Oro State Park, just west of San Luis Obispo after seeing your photos. If you haven't been there yet, you must visit there. I'm sure it will become another one of your favorite places. Great blog.
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