I'm 28!

I need to get more sleep so I feel less old.
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Happy Birthday? :)
Happy Birthday. I know what you mean these days.
Happy Birthday Steph!
I hope you are not wishing for more sleep for your birthday ... wish for more enjoyable moments while awake... I wish you the spirit, energy and laughter of youth to make your day and 28th year a formidable one! Now go ahead Make Your Day!!!!!
Ahhh, you're just a baby. But start being more stingy w/your time. The 30s go quick.
Happy Birthday! Enjoy the upcoming years. They go by way too fast. I hit 40 wishing I could do 30 again.
Happy B-day. I hope you had a fun tea party.
Glad I was able to celebrate with you, even if I wasn't in Victorian/Brit Pop/Invasion/Steampunk mode .. the scones and tea were particularly delcious!
Thanks for the wishes everyone!  I'll try to keep in ind how quickly the next few years will go O_O