I'd like to do this one of these Saturdays.

There's this middle-aged guy who operates somewhere out of Redwood City.  During the week he is a mild-mannered chiropracter.  On the weekends, he hosts these classes for motorcycle riding and driving/racing for drivers of all skill levels.  I really want to take some of his driving clinics, even though my humble Honda Civic won't hold a candle to some of the fancy driving machines that show up for his clinics and tear their ways through Woodside on the weekends. He claims that any type of car is welcome.  

Topics covered include: Oversteering, understeering, lines of travel, friction circle, driving in the rain, and braking safely.  

Best of all, the clinics are free!  Though if I had the money to invest in this as a hobby, I'd totally love to learn how to race (yes, cars!).  Said like a true nerd, I know.  But there's few things more exhilarating than the feeling of a perfectly executed turn.

Check 'im out: Doc Wong's Driving Skills & Skyline Fun Tours Clinic (too bad his website is stuck somewhere in the early '00s).

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Wow, this sounds like a lot of fun!
I'm excited about getting back into the track scene when i'm in SF again. There are lots of great tracks around us (Thunderhill, Infineon, Laguna Seca). You get great instruction and it really makes you a better driver.

It's usually pretty cheap, around $150 for the day. Any car is fine (as long as your brakes are good). I'll let you know when i go (probably not before Jan or Feb, after I get settled in sf)

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