I did it! I finished Wuthering Heights.

I think it's maybe only the 4th novel I've actually gotten through in the last 6 years or so.  Twilight series and other fantasy/sci-fi novels do not count.  Yes, I'm a bit of a snob when it comes to reading, even though I've been a fantasy/sci-fi junkie since I was a kid.

Anyway, having read the book now (which I somehow never read throughout my high school and college educations - also have never read Moby Dick which is kind of a travesty for an American history/literature major), I absolutely do not understand people who look at Heathcliff as a romantic hero.  It just makes no sense.  Sure he was tortured and misused as a child, but come on.  I've rarely encountered a character so vile, so selfish, so manipulative, so abusive, and so vengeful and cruel.  I imagine we, the readers, have a relationship with Heathcliff the way some women might have with an abusive husband/boyfriend, making excuses for him when there is really no excusing his deplorable behavior.
In contrast, my favorite character was Hareton Earnshaw, of course.  And his mutton chops!
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I really was captured by the novel too. I had an audio-version from the public library and then ordered the wonderful movie (DVD) from 1939
A belated Merry Christmas from Asia! I think we have seen each other during every winter holiday (and I think we always or almost always saw each other on Christmas/Christmas Eve too) since we first became friends, but this year breaks the tradition. Sadness. I hope you're enjoying quality time off. Do you have fun plans for New Year's?

Outside of fantasy books (Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter) Wuthering Heights was one of the few novels I managed to read outside of my coursework while I was in college. I read it at the same time that I was rereading Jane Eyre (for the third time). I guess I was in the mood for the Bronte sisters. I don't remember much of WH, but I remember JE pretty well.

Do you want me to get you anything from Asia?

Wuthering heights has always been one of my favourite books. And have been Cathy's fan. Although I'm never sure if she actually deserves sympathy.
@Sita ooh i'll have to check out that movie, there are so many versions out there htat it's hard to know which one to watch first!
@thunderror I think you hit the nail on the head; I also find cathy likable but not sure if she deserves the sympathy =)
@Kair-bear yeah it's a shame but not the first - two years ago I was in Beijing and spent my christmas stuffing my face with Peking duck and freezing my butt off.  I love the bronte sisters too - Jane Eyre is definitely one of my favorites and I like it better now that I'm older.  As for wanting anything from Asia, I can't think of anything that would fit reasonably into a suitcase =)  I mostly just miss the food and the nightlife.  Have a great time and take lots of pictures!

What kind of name is Heathcliff? It's not even as cool as Garfield.
I not only agree with your sentiment about being unable to perceive "Heathcliff as a romantic hero", but I find myself unable to view the novel as a romance piece, period.

I see, instead, an exposée on the sufferings of individuals due to mistreatment by the principal power holders upon those who cannot unleash themselves from their situations; the condition of which is maintained by the idea of classes, upheld by a general apathy for the sufferings of one's fellow.

Before long into the novel, I hated Heathcliff, and felt no pang for his sufferings.
He was no hero; I don't think the author could possibly have meant him to be.

Oh my god, there's so much effective information above!
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