I almost have a problem.

I can't stop buying rocks on eBay.  Most of them though, are from the same seller who sells them for rock bottom prices ($0.99/strand + $1.75 shipping).  I can't help it.  They are so pretty and I can't wait to turn them into things I can put around my neck and wrists.

1. Red coral chips
2. Ocean jasper coins
3. White jade rounds
4. Snowflake obsidian rounds
5. White howlite rounds
6. Red aventurine rounds
7. Blue chalcedony pumpkins
8. Rutilated golden quartz ovals
9. Imperial jasper coin
10. African blue jasper ovals
11. A ming pendant necklace I bought, strung with Burmese jade
12. Faceted smokey quartz ovals

7 responses
- these are beautiful creations - i love the red.
Oh they are not creations yet =)  They are raw materials!

oh i see - i thought you were buying them all loose - ah well - carry on!
The ones that look like grapes seem delicious.
They are really pretty!I like the red ones the best.But try not getting to broke from buying so many x]]
Never fear, I think I am spending between $30-$45 on everything.  (Well, excluding the jade necklace.  That was $48 just by itself, a price that made me think, this is stupid, I should just make my own damn jewelry, how hard could it be.)

African blue jasper ovals are very nice i like them