How I feel about the Twilight Saga...

It is exactly, I mean exactly, like these stupid crushes I used to have in high school where I would actually be embarrassed to admit I liked the guy because he was usually kind of oddball, dorky or just plain weird.  Ashamed but strangely drawn in.  (Nothing, by the way, like the way I feel about my favorite founder.)

It's weird to think that one can have a crush on a book series, but looking back at the progression of the past week, it developed exactly like that.  So does, I guess, my relationship with many other books/movies/tv shows that I get really into.  It starts with curiosity, then denial, turns into compulsion, and finally fullblown addictive obsession.  (Sooner or later, more or less, I recover.)  In this case, I watched the movie over the weekend out of curiosity, to see what all the fuss was about, and then I've been sleeping at 3-4am this week because I stay up reading the books.  And now all I want to do is talk about it to anyone who will listen.

I still feel pretty conflicted about it.  The writing is totally atrocious - I tell people the dialogue is like reading my old AIM chat logs from high school, and the rest of the first book is like my high school diary where I would pontificate on the various perfections of some guy I never even talked to.  I think that's where it really sticks in my side, and maybe that's the genius of it--Stephenie Meyer managed to make us see just how absurd and silly we all were at that age (or still are).

I don't like most of the characters either - I despise Bella Swan and I think Edward Cullen is tiresome in his tortured angst.  The actors from the movie are another story; I think they are all adorable, even Kristen Stewart, whom I hated in the movie, but in real life she's like this spunky, awkward-funny amalgam of Janeane Garofalo, Alexa Chung, and Avril Lavigne (only not so bratty).  And yes, the chemistry between her and RPattz is like, super hotttt!

But I read some of the first book because, I don't know, I was feeling indulgent.  Then I read the synopses of the others to get the gist of what happened.  I started New Moon, and then the character of Jacob Black hooked me and drew me straight into the vortex of Twilight hysteria.  He's the one realistic, multi-dimensional, funny, tragic, incorrigible, naughty, beautiful, humane, immature, and wonderfully charismatic character in the whole series.  Plus I've had a mild fetish for Native Americans since I was young (I know.  Totally objectifying an entire culture).  When I got impatient with the smarmy, saccharine, and boring vampire-Bella bits, I started flipping through and only reading the parts that involved Jacob the werewolf.

I wonder if I should start the fourth book.

I'm actually thinking of getting a t-shirt that says "TEAM JACOB: I run with wolves."  When did it become okay to be this dorky?  And let's not get into how dirty us women feel about the sunny, likable, and newly ripped (but not quite legal) Taylor Lautner.  Control yourselves ladies, he's only 17.

And finally, the New Moon trailer:


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There is no shame in being a Twilight fan :) However, reading the last book destroyed it all for me--Meyer's writing only gets worse, and the plot line is horrendous. But maybe with low expectations, it won't be so bad. I still want to watch the next movie though. I'm with you--Team Jacob!
You silly... :)
My thoughts exactly... except the part where you talk about New Moon, I'm curious but I'm not sure if I want to read it...
The last book - Ed and Bells get hitched and have a kid. Jacob imprints on the kid who's name is Renesmee (Esme/Renee) oh, and during the birth, Bella gets all broken and Ed has to save her by making her a vampire. I'm definitely not "Team" anybody and don't understand how anybody can have the hots for some fictional character. Ehhh, Ed ain't real...Jake ain't real. If Stephenie Meyer set out to reveal how silly fangirls are with their crushes, she sure succeeded.
@capri I take it, you read all the books then. =P  Anyway, funny how you say that about fictional characters.  That was going to be the topic of my next post.
I've read all the books in a week and like you, I stayed up really late to find out what happens (I think Eclipse is my favortie). For me, the characters really jump off the page and awaken my still beating 15 yr old heart. And I really don't think there's anything wrong with that.

It's nice to read your "Team Jacob" stance -- not b/c I agree (sorry, I'm team Edward all the way), but b/c it shows how most of the characters illicit an emotional response. Just to explain, Jacob is too immature for me, plus (as @capri already spilled) he is meant for someone else.

I loved all 4 books. And even though I knew the basic plot lines and saw the movie first, I still couldn't put the books down.

Midnight Sun is posted on Stephanie Meyer's website -- a rough draft of Twilight in Edward's voice. It's another good read, in case you choose to read more in the Twilight Saga. However, since it leaked, I hear she has stopped writing this book and may not finish it.

Well, I wouldn't go as far as to say Jacob was meant for Renesmee. This whole imprinting stuff, especially involving a child really squicks me. Why Stephenie didn't decide to pair him off with Leah, a much better choice if you're into the pairing everybody off thing, I don't know. Any good book and characters are going to get an emotional response, but there's a big diff between that and having mad crushes on fictional characters.

@eileen thank goodness another full-grown woman finds the series as riveting as I do =P  I think the middle of New Moon and second half of Eclipse are both my favorites. 

I actually already read Midnight Sun and it sounds like Stephenie Meyer (whom I understand to be something of a Diva with a capital D) has no plans to finish it.  It’s too bad, because I found Edward’s POV so much more interesting than Bella’s. 

Really, I hate Bella for so many reasons, and that’s why I wanted to clarify that being on “Team Jacob” doesn’t mean I wish he’d end up with Bella.  On the contrary, I think she doesn’t deserve someone like him; the way she treated him throughout New Moon and Eclipse was shameful (it pisses me off more because I know plenty of girls in real life who string along perfectly sweet-tempered guys and leave them as mangled emotional wrecks, which more responsible womenfolk then have to put back together).  It’s just that, as with anyone you love, I just want to see him happy and not suffering. @capri, I think your suggestion of Leah makes a lot of sense.  The Renesmee stuff wigs me out, too.  I don't like how "imprinting" basically means the wolves become emasculated puppy dogs, and the "object of imprinting" has absolutely no say in the matter either.

And there I go, speaking fondly again of a fictional character that doesn’t exist (touché, @capri).

In other news, I’ve been getting my fix at this blog that follows every tiny bit of news about the New Moon movie (  They update like 5x/day, its great!  Videos of Taylor Lautner flexing his hard-earned abs FTW.

...I need to get a life.

I agree with you that Bella is terrible for stringing Jacob along -- esp., in Eclipse when she kisses him and envisions a future with him. If I remember correctly, she was very mad at herself and aware of what she was doing. Not trying to defend, but at least she knew she was terrible.

And btw - I know quite a few other women my age that are absolutely gaga over these books and characters. I'm trying to arrange a group to go watch New Moon when it premieres (only of people who have read the books and are riveted - like we do). If you are up for it, let me know. Of course that wouldn't be till Nov.

And yes, Edward's perspective is so much better than Bella's. I loved reading about how much he wanted to kill that whole classroom on that first day they met.

A lot of people were angered by the 4th book, but the title of the last chapter is, "The Happily Ever After". I guess she wanted every character to get what they wanted and for it to wrap up like a fairy tale?

I'm torn on my feelings about the imprinting (mostly b/c in the end Jacob is happy, and Bella and Edward are together) and while Leah would be a good choice for Jacob, it wouldn't solve the newly united "shapeshifter/vampire" clan in Forks. Because Edward would have ended Bella's life, thus breaking the treaty, thus the wolves would have raged war, etc. I guess for Stephanie Meyer, this was a cleaner ending?

I don't know, just some thoughts that come to mind.

Ok last comment and I'll try not to clog your inboxes...
@eileen I don't know, I think it's probably worse to know that you're doing a terrible thing, and yet continue to do it.  Somehow I feel no sympathy for her when she is beating herself up over it, because she really ought to know/do better and just..let..him..go.
I don't think I was angered by the 4th book but I just thought Meyer did a pretty shoddy job of wrapping everything up.  Very sloppy storytelling, and even then it feels like the whole thing is not quite finished.
That said, I'd LOVE to go see NM with likeminded women.  I was thinking of going w/ Annie, who got me hooked in the first place, but I think it might come down to blows cuz she is rabidly pro-edward =P

Yeah, I was annoyed with Bella while she was tormented over Jacob. I mean, really annoyed. I don't think I had sympathy either.

When Nov, rolls around I'll ping you around the time of the NM premiere!

Goog film!!!!
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