Hie thee in haste to Costco...

...where thou shallst find the best chocolate milk EVARrrr. Well, maybe only if you live in California.

We used to have individual packs of this wonderful chocolate milk from Clover Organic Farms.  It was my coworker Brent who first tipped me off to this fabulous snack that was kind of a well-kept secret on campus.  Only those in the know, or in certain buildings, enjoyed it.  Why I love it:
  • Reduced fat - only 5g/serving
  • Not too sugary-sweet, syrupy or chalky like most kinds of chocolate milk
  • Wonderfully creamy and rich mouthfeel
  • Hormone-free!
I was disappointed when they started disappearing from the fridges, but not surprised--I saw identical cartons selling at Red Rock Coffee for $2 apiece!

Imagine my joy when I was wandering the aisles of Costco this weekend and saw a box of 24 chocolate milks (re-branded as Kirkland Signature) selling for less than $15!
4 responses
thanks for the tip! I love chocolate milk. I'll pick up some this week.
One more great thing about Costco. Oh so many reasons I love shopping there. Can't wait to try it!
done. they are cooling in the fridge now :)
HOoray!  Tell me what you think of them =)  My brother thought they weren't sweet enough but I thought they were perfect.