Hi, My Name is Stephanie. And I'm a 'Fabric Junkie.'

That's what the kindly old man at the Viking Sewing Center called me.  I went in determined to get something of quality, refurbished, and under $200 (I am, after all, just a beginner). In other words, I wanted something like an Accord.

What great customer service.  The man really got me something that was exactly suited to my needs, and didn't try to sell me anything more or less.  Say hello to my new (used) Kenmore!  I already finished the curtains I've been working on for my kitchen window, and did a little pillow case for my daybed. =D

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What model number is your Kenmore? I bought one exactly like it at a garage sale -- it did not come with an instruction manual. I cannot find a model number on it anywhere.
"fabric junkie" , that's hilarious. i didn't knew that my "fetish" had such a name.
Indeed, it's practically a documented condition!
Goodness, there is so much useful information above!
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