Help! Does anyone understand Jean Cocteau's Orphic Trilogy?

I am watching The Blood of a Poet (1930) right now and I say, it is a bit too surrealist and avant garde for my liking.  I know, I know.  Seminal work, amazing masterpiece, etc. etc.  But I'm very much a philistine, and I've yet to come across a decent explanation for what really makes it so good.

I remember watching Jean Cocteau's Beauty and the Beast, my favorite fairy tale, and not enjoying that very much either.

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I'll try watching this one and let you know if I get the drift. ;)
I am sure you are not the only one to find Jean Cocteau's films difficult and unrewarding.
@George you put it so well.  "difficult and unrewarding."  exactly!
Isn't it that brave things were so rare then?
I think anyone who claims to 'understand' a surrealist avant-garde work is likely to be (a) self-deluding or (b) bullshitting you. The whole point about such a work is that it challenges and subverts reason making you question your take on reality and the accepted order of things. So welcome to the club. It is possible to appreciate without understanding, they are not mutually exclusive.
@Ian thanks, it's good to know most of my film fanatic friends are self-delusional an/or bullshitting me.  Makes me feel just a bit less like a philistine.
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