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I guess you could say I live in "the barrio" of MV (right next to the Burrito Triangle), but this truck definitely looks out of place.  Yes, the guys are Chinese and yes, they are careful, efficient and pleasant to work with.  I heard them speaking a dialect I couldn't recognize at all. Turns out they are from Hebei province!  Not something you come across every day.

It's only been an hour and they are nearly through with clearing out all the junk I have in my current apt.  $65/hour.  I better tip them well.

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is this the safeway moving company? grant and i had a different truck, with similar... decor. also, the front bumper of our truck was held up by duct tape...
Great!!! Hope you had a happy moving day!
@feng Nope, this one was literally called Happy Moving Company. I
called Safeway but they were a tad more expensive.
@izzy Yay! I can almost walk to your apt!
will speak mandarin
Never judge a book by its cover. Maybe the moving truck is not well decorated but look for a great service. When they serve you well, then go respect it.
They have good service.

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