Happy Friday! With more Grannis family loving.

I for some reason cannot stop watching/listening to this video.  Something about the black-and-white, the measured pacing, the echo-y stairwell, the heartachingly good harmonizing. 

Lord these girls are gorgeous.  I would be happy to have a trio of daughters who sing like angels, as the Grannis sisters do.  And I have to agree with vchu that the most captivating one is Misa, the shy bookish-looking one on the left.  

And the original "God in My Bed" by K's Choice, for comparison.  Personally I prefer the Grannis sisters' rendition.

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The girl playing the guitar has the nicer arms though!
Kina does seem more athletic than her sisters. The one in the back is very pretty but on the plump side =)

though it is tempting, I am not going to offer comment on their looks! Are these guys famous yet? Have they been around a while? Hate it when groups with promise (and good arms) vanish without making a dent. Good voices. Take care.

Bookish is such an interesting word to describe a person, but there is something about Misa that stands out for me.
@Adrian haha bookish is a pretty common word I think... but yeah I wonder what exactly it is about her that makes us all look twice, because she's not flashy at all.
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